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Ramit Sethi: Did You Know?

Ramit Sethi: Did You Know?

When someone says “I will teach you to be rich,” people generally listen.

At least that is Ramit Sethi’s method and so far it seems to be serving the New York Times best-selling author alright.

Sethi’s blog IWillTeachYouToBeRich.com has a readership of over 250,000 per month. He gives his readers practical lessons in a voice that mimics a dutiful older brother more than a financial expert. He even lets his readers in on his personal successes and failures and how he approaches his choices in life, financial and otherwise.

Sethi was motivated to make his first financial flop, his last. After having received a college scholarship of 2,000 dollars, investing it and losing half he was determined to learn how to handle money. That experience was the beginning of his education in the art of money making and understanding why some people are good at making money, and why others aren’t.


Sethi began his education at Stanford University in 2000 where he received his BA and later his MA in Science Technology and Society, social psychology and sociology. His coursework included theoretical and applied persuasion, entrepreneurship, computer science, human-computer interaction research and design, psychology, and policy analysis of the impact of emerging technologies on society.

He also wrote a comedy column during his time at Stanford, a contrast to his more serious endeavors. He conducted projects in social entrepreneurship, captology, personal finance, and religious studies as well.

In 2002 he studied social influence and persuasion at the University of Oxford.


His work experience began with Seth Godin Enterprises where he was the first intern for the company in June of 2003. There he worked on the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller, Free Prize Inside, a book on how to pitch ideas to organizations.

In June 2004 he worked at AuctionDrop as a Viral Marketing Architect where he was a consultant to the CEO. Just a year later, Storm Ventures hired Sethi as a consultant, focusing on emerging Internet technologies and investment evaluation.

Later that year he was a Consultant at Omidyar Network, a mission-based investment group committed to fostering individual self-empowerment on a global scale.

In 2006 he ended his time at Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab as its Director of Special Projects. There he created experimental methodologies, analyzed data, and communicated findings to others.

He was the Co-founder and VP of Marketing of PBwiki (now PBworks) until January 2009, running marketing and usability. The idea behind the site was that users could create a wiki as easily as making a peanut butter sandwich.

His extensive experience in social entrepreneurship plus his studies of social persuasion and influence and a touch of his youthful comedic styling provide his readers with practical yet approachable lessons on one of the most adult topics of all, money management.

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